League Details:  2019 Summer Fri Co-Rec E 5-5 SB @ RR/AG

Dates: 06/28/19 - 08/16/19

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
1220 0.861 0.00


Team Schedule For:  2019 Summer Fri Co-Rec E 5-5 SB @ RR/AG

DateTimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
06/28/20196:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #7@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexTIMET5MISFITS19
06/28/20197:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #7@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexTIMET0MISFITS19
07/05/20196:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #8@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexMISFITS16DESIGNER'S CHURCH9
07/05/20197:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #8@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexMISFITS15DESIGNER'S CHURCH0
07/19/20197:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #3@Russell Road Sports ComplexMISFITS11BIG BUNTS1
07/19/20198:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #3@Russell Road Sports ComplexMISFITS6BIG BUNTS7
07/26/20197:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #3@Russell Road Sports ComplexVEGAS NIGHTS5MISFITS15
07/26/20198:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #3@Russell Road Sports ComplexVEGAS NIGHTS13MISFITS12
08/02/20196:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #8@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexJUST KIDDING9MISFITS19
08/02/20197:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #8@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexJUST KIDDING7MISFITS8
08/09/20196:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #7@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexMISFITS21TIMET3
08/09/20197:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #7@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexMISFITS15TIMET10
08/16/20196:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #8@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexDESIGNER'S CHURCH7MISFITS17
08/16/20197:30PAdlt Sftbl Field #8@Arroyo Grande Sports ComplexDESIGNER'S CHURCH5MISFITS13

Schedule Comments

* All games will be played at the Russell Road Sports Complex (591 E. Russell Rd.). * D Division: One batter per team can have unlimited home runs per game. The D Division features a higher skill and competition levels. * E Division: No home runs allowed. Fun leagues for the novice player and for an organization to build camaraderie. * Teams are responsible to pay umpire fees prior to the start of the game. $14.00 per game/$28.00 per night. Forfeiting teams will be responsible for both teams umpire fees ($56.00). * ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBTED BY CITY ORDINACE NO. 5, SECTION 1, HENDERSON MUNICIPAL CODE AND WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. * NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED IN THE PARK. * PLEASE CALL THE SPORTS OFFICE WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS 702-267-5717.